Mikrotik: ip cloud ddns (auto update)


I’m using Mikrotik products & routers for years, one of the features I like is the ip cloud Dynamic DNS.

This enables you to access to your router from anywhere on the internet, without the need for signing up to 3rd party Dynamic DNS Services.

This is handy if you need access to:
Access security cameras behind your network
Manage your router or router’s behind it
Access a local server
VPN to your home network from anywhere in the world.

Personally I use it for VPN access to my LAN (OpenVPN) and to expose some services online.

Mikrotik gives an external DNS name in the format of that will updated with an A DNS record of your routers external IP address.

To enable this service you need to go to WebFig IP -> cloud menu and enable it once you enable “Apply” and click “Force Update”.


Remember to add a value to “DDNS Update Interval” to update the record in a specific interval (20 minutes in my example)

Another option to trigger the force update in case if is not working is to create a “script” and “Scheduler” to run it periodically.

Here is an example:

In webfig interface click on “System” -> “Scripts”, “Add New”, give a name and in the “source” section add the command to run “/ip cloud force-update”.


Next step is to create scheduler to run the script periodically, in Webfig select “Scheduler” from menu and “Add new”, give a name again, add Interval “00:20:00” (20 minutes example) and “On event” add the name of the script we created earlier (cloud_update in my example)


In this document is covered only the cloud configuration updater and not any firewall/nat config to expose ports.